Ed Ellson is a developer specializing in the backend and deployment of modern web applications.

I strive to write performant, well-tested code—primarily in Ruby and Elixir—and maintain a blog, where I share ideas I think are useful or of interest to the wider community.

I need to find a recent photo of myself which isn't blurry.

In need of an experienced web developer to help out on a project, or looking to hire a new addition to a team? Get in touch.

Most recently I've held the position of lead developer at Mint Digital. I'm now on sabbatical, but will be looking for something new from early 2018.

Projects I've worked on lately include:

  • Lead developer for full build of Workman Publishing's new network of sites;
  • Project manager for the build out of TRX—an online trading application simplifying the sale and purchase of rights for television shows;
  • Lead developer for a project pushing forwards the Elixir community's deployment strategy;
  • Technical point of contact for IPSOS' GP Patient Survey, requiring a bi-annual data and site deployment;
  • Developer for feature work on DeskBeers, where I worked to generalise the notion of what was being sold, to facilitate a broader catalogue.